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Cookie and Privacy Policy

Everything you need to know about cookies and the privacy policy on our website


As a visitor to our website, you are in safe hands. Our data policy is outlined below, dealing with the information we collect to ensure the user experience on our side. Furthermore, we describe why you can navigate our site with peace of mind, without worrying about us misusing your digital footprints on the page.


We use cookies on our website, which is data stored on your device (computer, mobile, tablet, or similar). The purpose of this data is to recognize your device and enhance usability while remembering settings, targeting ads, and more.

It is possible to delete or alternatively block your cookies.
However, if you delete or block your cookies, the ads you see will not be as relevant to you. Additionally, you will be shown ads more frequently.

Here you can make changes to your Cookieindstillinger.

Guides to deleting cookies

Delete cookies for Safari on your Mac
Delete cookies for Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
Delete cookies for Google Chrome on Android devices
Delete cookies for Google Chrome on your computer
Delete cookies for Microsoft Edge on your computer

Our website contains cookies from some of the most common third parties.

Personal information

When you access our website, your personal information is registered. Personal information refers to information that traces back to you. This could be details about your computer or mobile phone, IP number, geographical location, as well as your navigation on the site. This information can be used in connection with newsletters, competitions, surveys, and more.

If you consent to and provide your name, email, address, telephone number, and payment information, these details can also be processed. Typically, these details would only be accessed when making a purchase or logging in.

Purpose of storing information

The purpose of this information is to identify you as a user, so that the ads you may be shown are as relevant as possible. Additionally, the information is used to register purchases and payments, and to ensure that the services you request are delivered correctly – this could be newsletters, notifications, etc.

Security Measures

Technical and organizational measures have been taken to prevent the information we hold from being deleted, published, manipulated, degraded, or misused in violation of the law.

Timeframe for storage of information

The information is stored for the period allowed by law. They are deleted when it is no longer necessary to store them. The period of storage depends on the information and the reason for storage – therefore it is not possible to specify a general length of the period.

Disclosure of information to third parties

The known information is passed on to several third parties. These third parties process information on our behalf and may not use them for their own purposes. As previously mentioned, personal information such as name, email, address, etc., will only be disclosed if consent has been given for this.

Our data processors consist solely of companies in the EU or in countries that require sufficient protection of your information.

Insight into information and complaints

You always have the right to know exactly what personal information we process about you. In addition, you can at any time refuse the use of the information. Furthermore, you can revoke your consent for your information to be processed. If the information that may be processed is incorrect, you have the right to have it deleted or corrected. This is done by contacting us at: contact@webfar.dk.

If you feel that our processing of your personal data is incorrect and you wish to complain, you can contact the Data Inspectorate.


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