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In need of a new website? We can assist you!

Let us help you with your new website

At Webfar, we provide website solutions for self-employed individuals, freelancers, and small to medium-sized businesses.

We can assist you with a professional website, ranging from a small “business card website” to larger custom systems, tailored to you and your visitor’s needs.

We develop your website in close dialogue with you, provide guidance throughout the process, and ultimately deliver a finely tuned and user-friendly WordPress website. All without you having to worry about a thing.




SEO Optimized



100% Freedom




SEO Optimized


100% Freedom

What is WordPress?

Our websites are developed in WordPress, which is an open-source Content Management System – also known as a CMS system. A CMS system allows you to easily and quickly make updates and changes to your website.

One of the advantages of using WordPress is that the system is free to use and is continually maintained and updated. There’s also a vast network surrounding WordPress, making it easy to find help and guidance online.

WordPress is also very flexible and can be extended in many different ways. If you want to expand your website with new functionality, for example, with an online store, it can be done with one or more plugins. Being open source also means that you have access to the source code and can therefore further develop the website through custom programming.

WordPress logo on screen

Does my website work on mobile?

Yes, of course, it does. We have had smartphones since 2007 and most visits to your website are now made from a mobile phone. Therefore, our websites are, of course, also optimized to function on mobile.

Can my customers find me on Google?

All our websites come “search engine optimized”, making it easier to achieve a good position in the results of various search engines. We ensure that your website is technically optimized, so Google doesn’t complain and it’s easier for you to be found.

Where should my website reside?

For a website to be accessible online, it needs to be on a server – in other words, have a “place to live” – also known as hosting. There are many different types of servers and what is needed can vary from website to website. A server should be fast and reliable, and you should have ownership of it.

Many web agencies have a business model where you typically get a cheaper website if they get to host it for you. In return, they charge a more or less unreasonable annual fee.

At Webfar, we’re not fans of this idea. We believe that you should have 100 percent ownership of your own website. In other words, you shouldn’t have to “buy your freedom” to gain ownership or risk losing your website if, for instance, your web agency goes bankrupt.

We recommend different types of hosting and, of course, assist you in finding the perfect hosting provider for you.


How do we work?

When you’ve decided to get a website, we’ll have a chat online or on the phone. We try to understand your needs, and based on that, we come back with different solution models.

We use a project management tool, where you can follow along and create any tasks. We also create any tasks for you about, for example, content for the website. We talk regularly online or on the phone and follow up on the process until we are all happy and satisfied.

You can read more about how we work and collaborate here.


Getting a new website is a bit like buying a new car. When it’s delivered, it’s new, sleek, fast, and appealing. But as time passes, it requires servicing, oil changes, and new tires. The same applies to a website. It needs to be regularly updated and kept fresh to prevent security issues or a slowdown in performance, among other things.

At Webfar, we’re happy to help you keep your website updated, but in conjunction with the delivery of your website, we also provide a series of instructional videos so you can learn how to keep it updated yourself.

What’s the cost?

The price for a website varies from project to project and depends on what you need. Therefore, it can be difficult to provide a fixed price for a project that holds the whole way.

However, we operate with very reasonable prices. We have a fixed hourly rate of 250 kroner per hour. For larger projects, we can discuss a fixed price if it makes more sense, but otherwise, we stick to the hourly rate.

The reason we can do it so cheaply is that we are based in Thailand and therefore have lower living costs than in Denmark. Of course, we deliver a product of the same high quality as you would expect elsewhere. And of course, we speak Danish!

Here you can read more about what you can expect a project will cost.


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