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At Webfar, we excel in many things, and everything we do, we do 100 percent. We’ve chosen to focus on what we do best. That is to provide you with excellent service, guidance and advice, and to guide you through a jungle of options. And of course, to build a website, webshop, or a tailored project that suits you and your needs.


Get yourself a sleek and user-friendly website that you can easily operate.

We build professional websites, from small “business card websites” to larger bespoke systems, tailored to you and your customers’ needs.

We advise and guide you throughout the entire process and ensure you feel secure so you can focus on what matters – achieving a professional website you’ll be pleased with.



Ready to start selling online? Webfar can assist you with a sleek, user-friendly and efficient webshop, making it easy and simple to sell to your customers.

We help you through the entire process, which results in a finely tuned and user-friendly webshop that converts your visitors into returning, paying customers.


Custom Project

Do you need something entirely unique, which is neither a website nor a webshop? Webfar assists in turning your idea into reality.

We have created everything from online teaching apps to analysis tools and we help you achieve your very own web app (or whatever else you may desire).

Read more about how we can help you build something truly special.

Custom project

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