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Terms and Conditions

The boring, but important, in fine print

Payment Terms

All products and services are listed in Danish kroner excluding VAT, unless otherwise stated. All invoices have a payment deadline of 8 days, unless otherwise stated and agreed upon. If payment for invoices is not received by Webfar after the payment deadline, we will send the customer a reminder which will be subject to an administration fee of DKK 100.


Delivery terms are outlined in the signed order confirmation or other documentable formats. All material is delivered in digital formats.


Webfar operates with a fixed hourly rate, but we reserve the right to change our hourly rate with 3 months’ notice. All prices are in Danish kroner and exclude VAT.

Webfar’s Obligations

Webfar commits to delivering the agreed work within the agreed timeframe. Webfar does not have the responsibility for the functionality of the internet and overall availability.

Customer’s Obligations

The customer commits to adhering to the agreed deadlines. This could, for example, be the delivery of content for a website. If the customer does not meet the agreed deadline, Webfar is not obliged to deliver the respective product by the agreed deadline.

Law and Responsibility

Webfar allows content that does not violate Danish legislation. We write all types of code in accordance with good programming practice. Webfar does not have the responsibility to update the website, webshop, or other software unless otherwise agreed. It is the customer’s own responsibility to backup and keep software updated – again, unless otherwise agreed. If a product uses purchased modules from a third party, it is the customer’s own responsibility to pay for these and keep licenses updated.


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