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Looking to start selling online? We can help you set up a sleek and easy-to-use webshop.

Let Webfar assist you with your new webshop

Are you prepared to start selling your goods online? You’ll need a user-friendly webshop that makes it simple and straightforward for your customers to shop.

At Webfar, we help you achieve a stylish, user-friendly, and clear webshop that converts your visitors into loyal and returning happy customers.

We can assist you, whether you carry many categories of physical goods, only a few exclusive items, or if you sell e-books, courses, tickets, or anything else one could imagine.




SEO Optimized



100% Freedom




SEO Optimized


100% Freedom

What are WordPress and WooCommerce?

We develop webshops with WordPress and WooCommerce. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that can be used for all types of websites. WooCommerce is a plugin that extends WordPress to include e-commerce functionality. This means you can set up your product catalog in different categories, manage sales, prices, discounts, coupons, payments, etc. Everything an online store needs to handle.

At the same time, there’s the option to further extend WooCommerce if you have very specific wishes and needs for your online shop.

With WordPress and WooCommerce, you get everything you could wish for from our website solutions – but with an integrated online shop.

Woo Commerce logo on screen

Does my webshop work on mobile?

It certainly does. It’s very important that it’s easy to make purchases in your webshop directly from a mobile device. As most online purchases are now made from mobile phones, the user experience in your shop should obviously be top-notch on mobiles and tablets.

Can my customers find the shop on Google?

Just like with our website solutions, we make your webshop 100 percent ready for Google and the other search engines. We ensure that it’s technically optimized from the start and provide advice and guidance on what you can do yourself to attract new customers to the store.

How should my webshop be structured?

When it comes to your webshop, it’s crucial that your customers have a great experience, can find the products they’re looking for, and that the payment process is easy and hassle-free. That’s why it’s essential to have a professional and trustworthy platform that your customers want to shop in and return to again and again. Once a customer has decided to make an online purchase for the first time, there’s a much higher likelihood that they’ll return again in the future.

At Webfar, we uncover your needs and ensure the construction of a webshop that’s easy to navigate and appealing to your customers.

Webshop Design
Girl paying with a card in the webshop

How do I receive payments?

Once your webshop is in place, you’ll need to be able to accept different types of payments from your customers. The most common, of course, are card payments and MobilePay, but it’s also possible to use new and modern payment solutions, such as installment payments where your customers can divide their payment into several installments. If you sell goods over a certain price, it may be a good idea to consider this.

At Webfar, we have experience with several different payment solutions and will help you choose the perfect one that makes sense for your shop.

Your webshop needs a home

Your new webshop needs to be hosted somewhere – in other words, it needs to be on a server so that your customers can access it anytime, anywhere. The server should be fast and reliable, and at Webfar, we believe that you should have 100 percent ownership of it.

Many web agencies have a business model where you typically get a cheaper website or webshop if they’re allowed to host it for you, but in return, they charge an unreasonable annual fee.

We believe that you should have 100 percent ownership of your own website. In other words, you shouldn’t have to “buy your freedom” to gain ownership or risk losing your website if, for example, your web agency goes bankrupt.

At Webfar, we have experience with various hosting companies in both Denmark and abroad, and we’re ready to help you find the solution that best suits your needs and budget.


How do we work?

The very first thing we do when you’ve decided to pursue your dream and open a webshop is to have a discussion online or over the phone. Here, we identify what you need, and based on that, we come up with various ideas and estimates.

We use a project management tool to keep track of the different tasks. You’ll also have access to the tool, so you can monitor the process, create tasks yourself, and so forth.

You can read more about how we work and collaborate here.


When you get a webshop, it, of course, needs to be maintained. It’s a bit like when you buy a new car. It needs to be serviced occasionally, have its oil changed, get new tires, etc. Similarly, a webshop needs to be kept updated so that it remains secure, fast, and stable.

We’re happy to help keep your webshop up to date, but through a series of instructional videos, we also provide you with the tools you need so that you can take care of the maintenance yourself.

What is the price?

The price for a webshop varies depending on your needs. If you have a small private hobby shop, where you don’t sell many goods and don’t need a lot of features, then it will, of course, cost less than if you need a large webshop with a large product catalog and special custom functions and features.

Therefore, it’s difficult to provide a fixed price for a project. However, we do offer a very low and competitive hourly rate.

You can read more about our prices and what you can expect to pay for your webshop here.

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