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Krøyers Kvarter

Krøyers Kvarter started as Tina Krøyer’s personal blog, where she wrote about and taught various creative crafts, techniques, and more. She still does, but the blog has expanded to include a shop where you can purchase different courses, materials, and more. Tina also publishes her own books, which are sold in the shop.

Webfar has assisted in migrating the site to a new theme, redesigning it, updating the shop, and implementing events.

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School / Education, Blog

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Tina Krøyer

Owner of Krøyers Kvarter

This is what Krøyers Kvarter says about Webfar

Morten is quick and efficient, and he understands your desires well. He often creates small instructional and explanatory videos specifically tailored to address individual problems, allowing you to consider options throughout the process. Morten responds promptly, and distance is no obstacle. I am extremely satisfied with my collaboration with Morten, who is attentive and always strives to resolve matters to everyone's satisfaction.

- Tina Krøyer