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Mørk Kaffe

MØRK is a coffee bar and roastery in Roskilde, dedicated to roasting and serving the world’s finest coffee. Naturally, they needed a website to share their message.

Webfar has built MØRK’s website, where you can learn more about the coffee workshop, the café, the roastery, and order coffee delivered right to your door.


Restaurant / Food

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Morten Riiskjær

Owner of Mørk Kaffe / Mørk KaffeCafé and Roastery

This is what Mørk Kaffe says about Webfar

It has been a pleasure working with Webfar, and I have obtained exactly the website I had envisioned! There has been a great deal of positivity and a problem-solving approach from Webfar, and their expert and highly competent execution have provided me with confidence throughout the process. Furthermore, I have received a range of helpful and educational video guides along the way, which have assisted me in completing tasks that I wanted to handle myself. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

- Morten Riiskjær