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Viborg Animation Festival

Viborg Animation Festival, or VAF, is Denmark’s largest animation festival, showcasing animation culture at a high international level. The festival takes place annually at various venues in Viborg and features over 60 different events throughout a week.

VAF needed a website in both Danish and English to showcase the festival and provide an overview of the many events, dates, and times, all presented in a calendar format. Webfar has been responsible for the development of the website, and we believe it has turned out to be a great success.

Wordpress, EventON

Events / Booking / Tickets

Graphic Design

Sandra Brunkow Simonsen

Project Coordinator at Viborg Animation Festival

This is what Viborg Animation Festival says about Webfar

Morten and Kasama delivered excellent work! As well as being thorough and detail oriented, they delivered great perspective and advice regarding the technical aspects of the work but also in terms of user experience and visual style.

Communication was smooth and it was always possible to get a meeting no matter the complexity of the work. Our case required a lot of flexibility from the developers since a great amount of information was delivered in a short time, and our deadline was strict – Morten and Kasama took on the challenges without hesitation!

We are thrilled with the result and very happy with the process!

- Sandra Brunkow Simonsen