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Christian Hjortkjær

Christian Hjortkjær is an author, speaker, and thinker of culture. He has written several books, participated in numerous podcasts, and gives lectures throughout Denmark. Christian needed a website where people could easily access his books and get an overview of his speaking engagements across the country.

Webfar has tackled the task with a one-pager – a website where all the information is displayed on a single page. We have strived to make the website simple, clear, and user-friendly.


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Christian Hjortkjær

Author & Speaker

This is what Christian Hjortkjær says about Webfar

Morten has a special ability to listen. I didn't have a clear vision of the type of website I wanted, but it only took a few words for Morten to have three ideas ready. Then it was just a matter of choosing. And from there, it proceeded calmly, patiently, and professionally.

Originally, I had some knowledge of web design, but I haven't kept up with it for many years. So I was immensely grateful for the instructional videos that Morten sent. I could sit by myself, clicking back and forth in them at my own pace until I had learned how to use it.

Morten delivers an almost unreasonably excellent service. Whether I asked Morten to adjust the spacing between two paragraphs or requested a solution to an incredibly specific problem with the contact form, Morten approached the task with sincere interest and patience, finding solutions that suited me.

I believe the result truly reflects the person I am.

- Christian Hjortkjær