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Gastro Class

Gastro Class is Henrik Solkær’s cooking school in Roskilde. Henrik is a former participant in the TV program Masterchef, and he offers various master classes, boot camps, academy courses, and team events through Gastro Class, where participants learn to cook beautiful gourmet dishes.

Henrik needed a website and webshop where interested parties can view the various courses on offer, register, and purchase tickets directly on the website. It is also possible to purchase various types of gift cards, which can be presented to a lucky recipient and used in the shop.

Webfar has built the website and webshop from scratch and has also been involved in relation to the text content and more.

Wordpress, WooCommerce, EventON

School / Education, Events / Booking / Tickets

Content, SEO, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Henrik Solkær

Owner of Gastro Class

This is what Gastro Class says about Webfar

In relation to the establishment of Gastroclass.dk, I have collaborated with Morten.

This is my first website, so I have been very introspective on the journey. And in that regard, I have been nothing less than thrilled to have Morten as the developer of my website.

Morten is highly engaged and always voices his opinion in a constructive manner.

Morten is widely knowledgeable and technically proficient, and he also has good judgment when it comes to both graphic/image and textual aspects.

Collaboration with Morten has been incredibly efficient and deliveries have always been as agreed. We have collaborated using a single project management tool (Asana), which works smartly.

Morten also sends updates and guides via video, which ensures progress while also clearing obstacles along the way. Moreover, it enables one to assume the role of managing the website moving forward.

We have settled accounts based on accumulated time usage, and this settlement has been extremely fair and reasonable.

Finally, Morten is very pleasant and educational to work with. And I am now working on my next website together with him as a developer. A better recommendation cannot be given.

- Henrik Solkær