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Happy New Year 2024: Our Journey Together at Webfar!

25. December 2023 | General

Cheers to New Beginnings – Happy 2024!

Hi folks,

It’s Morten here, along with Kasama and Iss, wishing everyone in our Webfar community a joyful and prosperous New Year. Your support and trust have been the highlights of our year, and we’re genuinely thankful for every bit of it.

A Year of Simple Pleasures and Team Effort

Looking back at 2023, it feels like a cozy, vibrant journey. Yes, we had our big moments – setting up Webfar officially in Thailand (big cheers to Kasama for being the rock in this endeavor!), and I managed to get my work permit (phew!). But it’s the small, everyday victories and learnings that really defined our year.

Iss, our first team member, jumped aboard this adventure with us, bringing new energy and perspectives. Together, we tackled interesting projects and welcomed some cool clients into our Webfar family. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but hey, that’s the beauty of learning and growing, right?

What’s Next? Let’s Find Out Together

As we dive into 2024, we’re not just planning; we’re dreaming. Dreaming of new ways to innovate, connect, and deliver the best for our clients. We’re excited about the possibilities and can’t wait to explore them with you.

We want to keep things real and grounded, focusing on what truly matters – great service, genuine relationships, and a bit of fun along the way. Here’s to a year where we can all grow, not just as a business, but as a community.

Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s make 2024 a memorable journey together.


Morten, Kasama, and Iss at Webfar

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