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Webfar donates air purifiers to Kittiwattana School

7. February 2024 | General

Today, we’ve got a little story to share, one that’s close to our hearts.

During this season in Thailand, air quality worsens because of widespread field burning, making the air hard to breathe for everyone, especially for children.

In response to the air quality issues during this season in Thailand, Webfar has donated 10 air purifiers to Kittiwattana School, where our son goes to school. This ensures clean air in each classroom for both students and teachers. It’s a simple action, but we hope it makes a significant difference.

Kasama talks about the air purifiers

Kasama talks about the air purifiers

This is more than just getting clean air. It’s about starting a conversation and making people aware of the air pollution problem in Thailand, our local community. We hope this action encourages everyone, especially the parents at the school, to talk more and raise awareness. The more we discuss it, the more likely we are to find solutions.

And yes, while we’re at it, this story does shine a little light on us at Webfar. It’s a gentle reminder that when you choose to work with us, you’re also supporting initiatives that make a real difference in our local community.

Unboxing and testing air purifier

Unboxing and testing air purifier

This is just the beginning, folks. Next up, we’re planning to dive into the world of technology with the schools in our area, teaching the kids, inspiring them, and hopefully, shaping a brighter future together.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Together, we can make a difference, one breath of fresh air at a time.

Kasama, Iss og Morten

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